Proudly Doubtful South African

Proudly SA

Cricket stats for 2016-02-09 in a calabash shell.

England: 318/8 (50 Overs)

South Africa: 319/3 (46.2 Overs)

South Africa won by 7 wickets

Yes, finally a win and what a win it was. Emotions are high, blood is pumping, gleaming with happiness, celebrating the long awaited win and hubby decides let’s turn that smile vile….

With his ever wondrous, amazing thought, which he decides to lip: “So you think matching fixing played a role?

Man, if ever I wanted to bliksem a man, it was last night. He can be thankful, I’m a lover not a fighter, not that he got any love, just to be clear. Don’t mess with this lady and her love for her country.

So now that I have set the precedent for this blog, it really got me thinking.

Why do we do this?

Every time something good happens, we question, how did the good happen or make deleterious comment to kill the good that occurred. Yes, we have a lot to work towards to have the country we all desire. It’s a long list of development opportunities, and we Will get there, despite what many think.

I am not taking anything away from the seriousness of all the the issues in the country. Serious they are and attention they need.  Are we that “focused” on the problems that we are blind to that glimmering spark? It is, so few and far apart.

So why take away from the joy when it happens, why not savor and devour that moment, love it, embrace it, and say I cannot wait for the next moment like this, I cannot wait for the days when joy will be abundant and plentiful. Almost an ecstasy.

We promote and speak of being Proudly South African, but are we really?

Or are we Proudly Doubtful South Africans?

What does Proudly South African Mean?

Do we all need lesson, or do we just have to open our eyes and see that despite all the turmoil that surrounds us, we are the ones that decide how South Africa moves forward and how the one good win, becomes two good wins and how it becomes winning the series and the tour. Ever heard of the snowball effect? Yeah it’s not only applicable to pessimism.

It’s that one split second of a though that you either question with negativity or salivate the little wins and unreservedly await the big win.

Let Us Be Truly South African, when we are down, we are down together( planning to rise united), when we are hurt, we feel the pain together, when our people die, we mourn together and when we have a WIN we celebrate wholeheartedly, completely, passionately, no questions asked. Pure, Simple, Elation, For Generations to Come.

Let the Hum of the Vuvulela, The Beat of The African Drums, The Strum of every Guitar, the Pull and Push of every Concertina, The Melody of every Flute, resonate within us. Remember its vibrancy, hold onto its immensity and be PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN.

Dedicated to Sham Moodley, my hubby.

Thanks for igniting the Protea and Proudly South African Fire.

Dear Child

Dear child, mom has a plea

Hear me out, do not flee

Breathing for you brings me joy,

My lungs grow weak, with every cutting of a tree


Dear child hear my plea

My heart beats for you,

Every time you take a life you take a beat from me


Dear child I have a plea

My blood flows for you

Please do not spill my blood, once it’s gone it’s gone

My blood may be seem blue, but it’s what sustains you


Dear child heed my plea

Save my lungs

Hold my heart dear

Spare my blood

Dear child, I’m the womb you do not want to leave

Dear child, mom has a please, please take care of me


Your’s lovingly

Mother Earth



So a few weeks ago, I was approached by a teen seeking advice about sex…

Should she go ahead with it or not… We had an elaborate chat about, peer pressure, using protection and basically sex 101 in a nutshell…. And then she hits me with “Being a Virgin Is overrated” and asks me what my take on it is?

I was dumfounded, and in that moment, felt like I failed her…

So I took it upon myself to research this “Overrated” situation and unbeknown to my knowledge, there are articles and blogs and and and about how being a virgin is overrated, I was overwhelmed with the amount of “information” pertaining to this, that is out there.

The articles, blogs, essays, that I read, were wonderful pieces on penned art, however for me, all missed one vital piece of the puzzle….Choice

All the writings I read, have valid points, and some quite idiotic in my opinion, yet none spoke of choice.

Just a point of note, I know there may be posts out there, or so I hope, that do speak about choice especially with regards to the above, and to those I say THANK YOU…

To the rest, wake up, grow up, and respect.

Being a virgin may not be a sign of purity or whatever else, the title holds, nor does it make an individual any more special or less special. It is a CHOICE. Why a person makes that choice, is their business, should you not like it, too bad so sad, go bark up another tree.

Irrespective of the masses agreeing or not, the freedom for a person to choose something for themselves will never be overrated. It is their choice and their right, if it makes their lives simpler, happier, better, then who the hell are we to judge their choice of living their lives, the way they choose to.

Be a virgin or don’t be a virgin….Ultimately the CHOICE IS YOUR’S TO MAKE… And that will Never Be Overrated.

Standing In The Rain

This is something I wrote in my later teen years , possibly 16 to 18 years ago…

Brought back some memories…

Hope you enjoy… 🙂


Standing In The Rain

I’ve seen the sun and got burned

Been through it all and I have learned


My strength is in me,

And moving on will set me free

The road was windy and caught in it was our love

A twisted love that tied me so


But Now

I’m standing in the rain, being cleansed of my pain

I see it flow, flowing with the rain

Tomorrow is yet to come

No fear, not at all

I’m standing in the rain, being cleansed of my pain


We had a chance to love again, but faith had other plans

I think of us and fight my thoughts, all of them desire you

My body yearns your gentle touch, as I re-live memories of us


But Now

I’m standing in the rain, being cleansed of my pain

I see it flow, flowing with the rain

Tomorrow is yet to come

No fear, not at all

I’m standing in the rain, being cleansed of my pain


I’ve now found a way, to love myself again

To be the spirit of the free

I’m facing the heat

Refuse, to be beat, standing my ground

Not afraid anymore


I’m standing in the rain, being cleansed of my pain

I see it flow, flowing with the rain

Tomorrow is yet to come

No fear, not at all

I’m standing in the rain, being cleansed of my pain


I’m standing in the rain

I’ve been cleansed of the pain

Still standing in the rain