So a few weeks ago, I was approached by a teen seeking advice about sex…

Should she go ahead with it or not… We had an elaborate chat about, peer pressure, using protection and basically sex 101 in a nutshell…. And then she hits me with “Being a Virgin Is overrated” and asks me what my take on it is?

I was dumfounded, and in that moment, felt like I failed her…

So I took it upon myself to research this “Overrated” situation and unbeknown to my knowledge, there are articles and blogs and and and about how being a virgin is overrated, I was overwhelmed with the amount of “information” pertaining to this, that is out there.

The articles, blogs, essays, that I read, were wonderful pieces on penned art, however for me, all missed one vital piece of the puzzle….Choice

All the writings I read, have valid points, and some quite idiotic in my opinion, yet none spoke of choice.

Just a point of note, I know there may be posts out there, or so I hope, that do speak about choice especially with regards to the above, and to those I say THANK YOU…

To the rest, wake up, grow up, and respect.

Being a virgin may not be a sign of purity or whatever else, the title holds, nor does it make an individual any more special or less special. It is a CHOICE. Why a person makes that choice, is their business, should you not like it, too bad so sad, go bark up another tree.

Irrespective of the masses agreeing or not, the freedom for a person to choose something for themselves will never be overrated. It is their choice and their right, if it makes their lives simpler, happier, better, then who the hell are we to judge their choice of living their lives, the way they choose to.

Be a virgin or don’t be a virgin….Ultimately the CHOICE IS YOUR’S TO MAKE… And that will Never Be Overrated.

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