Never Enough

I wish… Sometimes, I wish he would pull me close, hold me against his heart and when I try to pull away his fingers glide down to the curve of my back, his palm indents, pulling me closer, his face sinks into me and with the warmth of his breath agsinst my neck, he whispers,  I’ve missed you, laying an ever so soft kiss, I think butterfly. 

His hands move up the nape of my neck into my hair, gently tuging, another whisper…I miss you, pulling me even closer, arms wrapped around me, like never wanting to let go,  with the next breath he says,I love you, I will never stop loving you…

We are frozen in the moment, hearts beating against each other, pulses racing, each breath we take, we take in each other, intensity growing, not moving, wanting more, more of each other, more from each other because there will never be enough of these moments … I wish for that moment, Everyday!