My Equal… You Are Not!

In a world of abundant diversity, we still fight to be equal. Equal to each other. Why?

We are the same, but not.

Yes we all have, crimson fluid flowing through our circuitry, amongst other many similarities.

Yet; I am not your equal, you are not mine and we will never be.

I don’t want to be anyone but myself and for those of us struggling to be us, why complicate life even more, being equal to someone else.

For you to truly be my equal, you have to be me and I you.

An impossibility.

There is only ONE ME and only ONE YOU… That is the most beautiful truth.  Why must I or do you want to be equal to someone else, when you are irreplaceable, matchless, unique and the list goes on.

I am me and you are You. Equals we are not.

I will be my best self and you be your best self. Not equals.

Only the best versions of ourselves.

That is when we will reach true equality, my best will meet your best.

Until then… My “Equal”